Fully Funded TechWomen Emerging Leaders Program for Women in STEM in USA, 2019

Helen Lansdowne Resor funding for International Students in USA, 2017

Disability Rights program at Open Society Institute in USA, 2020

Women in Business Equal Pay Scholarship at Nexford University in USA

2019 Robert T Jones Memorial Trust Graduate Scholarship at Emory University in Atlanta, USA

Obama Foundation Scholars Program at University of Chicago in USA, 2018-2019

Perry World House Global Innovation Program Postdoctoral Fellowships in USA, 2020

Dubin Graduate Fellowship for International Students at Harvard Kennedy School in USA, 2020

POLATAJKO Family funding for Students from Hungry, Poland or Ukraine in the USA

8th Annual Student Film Competition for International Middle and High School Students in USA

OAS – Western Kentucky University Undergraduate Scholarship in USA, 2017

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