Parliament Graduate Internship Programme

Parliament of RSA is contributing towards skills development by providing graduates with opportunities to gain work experience in various areas. Applications from unemployed graduates are invited for internship opportunities for 12 months. Applicants must have the relevant Degree/Diploma. Successful interns are expected to enter into a 12 month contract.

Parliament Graduate Internship Programme

The following positions exist. Applicants must have a relevant Degree/Diploma.

  • IRC3077 Graduate Trainee: Environmental Affairs Research Services
  • IRC3078 Graduate Trainee: Committees Committees Section
  • IRC3079 Graduate Trainee: Public Administration/Political Science Committees
  • IRC3080 Graduate Trainee: Education & Training Committees
  • IRC3081 Graduate Trainee: Constitutional & Legal Services Legal Services
  • IRC3082 Graduate Trainee: Graphic Design & IT Documentation Services
  • IRC3083 Graduate Trainee: Finance & Public Policy Treasury Advice Office
  • IRC3084 Graduate Trainee: Finance Finance Management Office
  • IRC3085 Graduate Trainee: Internal Audit Internal Audit
  • IRC3086 Graduate Trainee: Facilities Management Facilities Management
  • IRC3087 Graduate Trainee: Food & Beverage Host CATERING SERVICES
  • IRC3088 Graduate Trainee: Professional Cookery CATERING SERVICES
  • IRC3072 Graduate Trainee: Procedural Services National Council of Provinces
  • IRC3073 Graduate Trainee: Procedural Services National Assembly
  • IRC3074 Graduate Trainee: Economics Research Services
  • IRC3075 Graduate Trainee: Public Policy Research Services
  • IRC3076 Graduate Trainee: Gender Studies Research Services

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