Geet Teasers March 2020 Starlife

Maan demotes Geet from CEO to a secretary and makes a peon the CEO, Can Maan win Geet back despite his antics? Read Geet March Teasers 2020 Starlife.

Starlife Geet March Teasers 2020.

Sunday 1 March 2020 

Episode 155

Maan arrives at Geet’s new company and warns her to behave herself. Geet is shocked to know that he has taken over the company. When she decides to leave, Maan shows her the contract she signed, which states she will have to pay two years’ salary if she wants to leave. What will Geet do?

Episode 156

Geet is irritated with Maan’s arrogant behaviour. She requests her colleagues to help her find the client’s details, but doesn’t succeed because of Maan’s interference. The next day, Maan delegates more work to Geet on seeing her asleep in the office. Can Geet deal with the work pressure?
Monday  2  March  2020 

Episode 157

Maan demotes Geet from CEO to a secretary and makes a peon the CEO. Geet gets the workers on her side. When the investors from China arrive, the staff destroys the reputation of the company. Seeing this, Maan reappoints Geet as the CEO. Can Maan win Geet back despite his antics?

Episode 158

Dev feels guilty for his deeds. Meanwhile, Dadimaa invites the staff of the new company for the Diwali party and realises that Geet works there. Maan is angry with Geet and asks her to leave, but Dadimaa stops her and requests her to give one more chance to Maan. Will Geet agree?

Tuesday 3  March  2020 

Episode 159

Maan invites Geet to his farmhouse. She decides to bring the office staff along. Maan arranges a party and talks to other female guests there. He informs Geet that she does not affect him anymore. Meanwhile, a female guest pushes Geet into the swimming pool. What happens next?

Episode 160

Maan saves Geet from drowning but still doesn’t give her any importance. Geet feels that she is being ridiculed when Maan dances with others at the party. But later, she slaps Maan when he tries to forcibly dance with her. Why did Maan invite Geet to the party?

Wednesday 4 March  2020

Episode 161

Geet fears facing Maan as he avoids talking to her. However, he feels bad for his actions. Geet apologises to him for slapping him but he leaves without saying a word. Meanwhile, Dev is surprised at finding himself in Meera’s house and thanks her for taking care of him when he had fever.

Episode 162

Dadimaa advises Dev to leave town for a while and allow things to cool down. Meanwhile, Maan can’t forgive himself for his misbehaviour. Geet meets Maan and finally tells him that she was affected by his behaviour. Will this allow them to come close again?
Thursday 5 March  2020 

Episode 163

Naintara asks for Sasha’s help in taking revenge on Geet. Meanwhile, Maan looks after Geet and she is happy with his concern for her. He meets Geet in the storeroom. Sasha, unaware of Maan’s presence locks the storeroom. Naintara arrives at the office. What does she plan to do?

Episode 164

Maan tries in vain to keep the news of Nayantara’s return from Geet. Meanwhile, Nayantara utilises her power of attorney to stay in the company. Geet is shocked by the turn of events. Later, when Nayantara demands a position in the company, Maan throws her out.

Friday 6 March  2020

Episode 165

Maan warns Nayantara of worse consequences if she and Dev try to bother Geet. Dev and Meera are anxious after learning about Nayantara’s presence at Maan’s office. While Nayantara is desperate to remain in the company, the board rejects her project proposal.

Episode 166

Nayantara refuses to listen to Dev and reminds him of the power of attorney. Meanwhile, Maan is delighted to find Geet back in office. She wishes to apologise to him for her earlier behaviour but Maan remains oblivious to her intention. Sweety Chadda, the Pindi Queen, arrives at Maan’s office.

Saturday 7 March  2020 

Episode 167

Meera asks Dev to warn Maan that Nayantara might ruin his relationship with Geet. Meanwhile, Geet tells Maan about his importance in her life. But lost in thought, Maan misses out on the conversation. Instead he tells her that his presence in her life will always torment Geet.

Episode 168

Geet volunteers to handle both the office and the event simultaneously. Meanwhile, Nayantara tries to surprise Maan but is herself in for a shock. What will be her next move?