Actress and Presenter Ayanda Thabethe is ready for 2020. If you have a TV set, brace yourselves as you will be seeing the gorgeous presenter and model more on your TV. Speaking to SunBuzz, Ayanda said this year, she will be busy with E! Entertainment on DSTV as she will be in Celebrity Game Night, which will start again in March this year.

Apart from the TV gig, her endorsement with the skincare company (Ponds) will continue this for this year. Behind all that beauty, there are brains in Ayanda and this year she will be working on getting more knowledge through furthering her studies even further. She will be studying, aiming at getting Master of Business Administration degree. However, she said it will be a tough challenge as she will be forced to juggle a lot of things at once, as she is a businesswoman, model, actress and presenter.

“I am ready, I just have to make time for my studies. Everything that is important, we have to make time for,” she said. She said going back to the books, was not her New Year resolution, was not a New Year resolution, but something that she has been thinking of doing from last year. You can’t study enough,” she said.

Ayanada said part of the reasons to going to back to study, she said she said she wants to grow in business as well. Ayanda said she won’t be acting on any of the popular TV series and soapies this year as she will be more focused on presenting. But she said, “If a good role comes, I will take it. In the beginning of every year, people make resolution and ultimately fail keeping them alive in the first few week.

Ayanda said though resolutions are a good thing, because people are thinking of changing their lives for the best, she said they should be consistent. They should be consistence and always follow up on them every now and again,” she said. As for her new bae, she is keeping him away from the sport light and won’t say a thing.