Beauty vlogger and influencer Mihlali Ndamase came out guns blazing after comments that her “body is fake”. This after a picture of her at the age of 19 went viral. Some believe she has come into her own as a curvy woman, while others said her body was “fake”.

A tweet took jabs at the vlogger using her “throwback” snaps. They show a rather skinny Mihlali, who, according to her, hadn’t yet had any work done to her body.

“This thing of comparison is not on, Mihlali before butt lifts and all kinds of augmentations is an avg everyday girl out there, stop wanting to look like a “celebrity” with no budget. You gotta spend hot money for extra beauty as she did,” said the tweep.

Mihlali clapped back at the critic, saying the way she looks now gives her haters sleepless nights.

“Imagine comparing my 19-year-old body to my adult one, my weight gain is the worst thing that ever happened to y’all.”