Somizi Mhlongo’s birthday is on 23 December and the star is looking as fantastic as he did in his 20s – He turned 47 and his fans celebrate the fabulous entertainer by looking at nine facts about him and his life – From how he started his career to how amazing his wedding was, we explore the man known as Somgaga.

Somizi Mhlongo, also known as Somgaga by his many fans – 2.7 million followers in total – turns 47 on 23 December. It’s a little hard to believe that this energetic and extravagant celeb is heading for 50 but he’s loving every minute. He shared a couple of photos on social media showing off his ‘old’ body.

Multi-talented television and media personality Somizi Mhlongo kicked off his birthday celebration tour on a high note; fit for his lavish lifestyle.

The flamboyant and larger-than-life star’s fun-filled birthday festivities were nothing short of amazing – perfectly fit for a king – they had most of us breathing through the wound for not attending.