He may not be in the same league with many of his peers, when it comes to flashy lifestyle s, he is not the kind of those who braai the weekend out far from his family, Senzo “Kwesta” Vilakazi would much rather spend the evening at home on the sofa, watching a movie with his loved ones.

The Ngud’ rapper has earned a name for himself for always having his shoulder on the wheel, while always putting his family first. He is an ardent believer in the notion ‘family should always come first’ when he spends days or even hours without seeing his family, he worries himself to ‘death,’ and this is why Kwesta was in low spirits when DRUM magazine recently caught up with him. He was crushed because he can’t spend this Christmas with his makoti and their daughter this year.

However, his only consolation is that his wife, Yolanda Vilakazi, and daughter, Khai Asemahle Vilakazi (6), understand that everything he does is for them and that he’ll be back home before the firecrackers light up on New Year’s Eve. DRUM met the family at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Sandton where they were spending family time after having had picked Khai up from school. They were holed up in two bedroomed apartment, where during sleep time Kwesta (31) and Yolanda (29) challenge each other to a pillow fight like teens in love, we remark.

“Before anything, we’re best friends,” he told the magazine; “I don’t think this life and parenting thing would come so naturally had it not been for our friendship and love.” The magazine witnessed Khai dragging her best friend ‘her dad’ by the hand to one end of the room where the two sat side by side at a grand piano, running their fingers along the keys. “I think today we might just learn how to play,” Kwesta said, as they tried to play Happy Birthday to You.

Her dad said Khai has taken a liking to music. “She loves my music and sings at school concerts. Her favourite song is Send Me Away by Nasty C and Rowlene,” he said. His daughter is friendly and talkative. “We let her do what she wants a lot of the time, but we instil good basic values,” her dad said; “Kindness, good manners, greet, always say please and thank you – the rest we’ll work on along the way.”

He added that he is a ‘chilled dad’ who is in awe of his little girl. “Every day I learn something new from her. She’s a logical thinker and very expressive. I love it when she surprises me by saying something intelligent or funny,” he said. Nothing thrills Khai than climbing on the jungle gym at the clubhouse of the Centurion estate where they live. “I love playing with my friends at the clubhouse and having my mom and dad around,” she said.