Global Hospitality Management Free Online Course by Cornell University

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Hospitality Sector, being a fast growing sector is providing day by day large number of job opportunities. For all those students who want to be a part of Hospitality Industry, Cornell University is offering a free online course of Hospitality Management in January, 2016. This course aims to offer both practical as well as theoretical knowledge of hospitality management.
Our students benefit from a focused hospitality education where our course content fits the exacting requirements of the hospitality industry. The course covers the facts related to hospitality industry and management. By doing this course students will learn strategic hospitality management and innovation.
Course At A Glance

Length: 6 weeks
Effort: 2-3 hours/week
Subject: Business & Management
Institution: Cornell University
Languages: English
Level: Introductory
Price: Free
Add a Verified Certificate for $49
Certificate Available: Yes
Session: January 25, 2016

Providers’ Details:
Cornell University in partnership with edX bring this course Introduction to Global Hospitality Management. Cornell University is one of the world’s most highly-respected universities, is a leading private institution of higher learning located in Ithaca, New York
EdX is a not-for-profit online education venture that provides you the latest MOOCs from best universities of the world.
About This Course
This course not only provides you the in-depth knowledge of strategic hospitality management but also provides you the basic learning facts about marketing the hospitality experience. Students will gain career guidance and learn about human resource management.
The hospitality industry is made up of thousands of exciting organizations including hotels, restaurants, food service management, fast food, coffee shops and pubs, bars and nightclubs. It involves an array of job roles from waitressing to event coordination, and management positions too. This course will focus on developing your professional skills, management potential and employability in the hospitality industry.
Why Take This Course?
Students will learn to explore the many wide-ranging career opportunities in hospitality and hotel management by doing this course. This course is free, online, globally recognized and will give you tremendous benefits in future.
Participants will receive an instructor-signed certificate with the institution’s logo to verify your achievement. The course is rich in high-quality text, images, video, audio and interactive elements to support your learning.
Learning Outcomes
After the completion of this course participants will learn:

To explore the many wide-ranging career opportunities in hospitality and hotel management
Gain career advice and stories from international industry experts
How to use an analysis tool to evaluate competitors and make strategic decisions
Analyze factors leading to an own-vs.-lease decision
Explore distribution channels and pricing strategies
Learn how to select smart, talented employees


Polk Wagner
Assistant Professor University of Pennsylvania Law


Some proficiency with Excel will be helpful

Detailed Information:!
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