Live Your Best Life (Style)

Live your best life: end a bad Lifestyle Early
We get it, you know exactly what is good for you and what is bad for you. We could tell you all about how sneakily drinking alcohol too early in life is bad for your health (which is why it is illegal), or that smoking and eating unhealthy foods will impact your health long term… or that sleeping around with strangers, or even kissing strangers can impact your life forever… but you already know that, right? The research (and your teachers and parents) have spoken…
What we really want to do is to inspire you to get serious about your personal lifestyle, because of the information you already know about health. As mentioned above, it is not simply about avoiding illness, but it is more about living a vibrant and FULL life where you are not limited by health issues or cirsumstances. 
It is also WAY easier to end the bad influences earlier on in life.

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