2020 Admission Requirement for University for Johannesburg

1. National Senior Certificate (NSC) – 2008 and after 

The minimum admission requirement for a bachelor’s degree is a National Senior Certificate (NSC) with a minimum of 30% in the language of learning and teaching of the higher education institution as certified by Umalusi, coupled with an achievement rating of 4 or better in four subjects from the designated 20-credit subject list. (Government Notice, No. 751, 11 July 2008). The following are specific minimum admission requirements in respect of B.Com Economics and Econometrics degree studies in the Faculty of Economic and Financial Sciences.
Econ Criteria 1
* If a rating of 4 or more is obtained for the Other Recognized Language, then a rating of 4 or more is required for just one designated subject from group B, in order to meet the 4X4 bachelor’s degree requirement.
** The performance rating for another subject taken instead of the Other Recognized Language is the same as indicated for the Other Recognized Language.
*** English is required with a rating of 4 or more either as the Language of Learning and Teaching or as the Other Recognized Language.
**** The rating for Life Orientation is divided by 2 when calculating the APS.
Note 1: Meeting the Faculty’s minimum requirements for a particular programme does not necessarily guarantee admission to that programme. Specific selection criteria may be applied within the required Enrollment Management Plan.
Note 2: It is compulsory for applicants to have completed the NBT prior to registration
2. Senior Certificate (SC) – Prior to 2008 

Admission requirements for candidates who completed the Senior Certificate

  • Senior Certificate with matriculation endorsement and
  • Mathematics: Higher grade at least 40% (E-symbol) or standard grade at least 70% (B-symbol) and
  • Language requirements: English (first language) higher grade at least 50% (D-symbol) or English (second language) higher grade at least 60% (C-symbol) and
  • M-score of 15
3. Selection criteria
Selection is based on academic merit and availability of places, and hence may entail the use of additional criteria/requirements.​
Here is the 202 Admission Requirement for University for Johannesburg. Goodluck!!!