How to Fake Fuller Lips in Just 2 Minutes

These simple tricks don’t require any painful injections. Full lips give a sexy and mysterious vibe to a women’s face. Create your own dramatic fake full lips with these tricks.



  • Highlighter (Powder, pencil, stick form)
  • Nude or flesh-toned lip pencil. Pick a lip pencil that is a shade or two lighter than your lips.
  • Lip Scrub or Soft toothbrush
  • Choice of lipstick (best option is matte lipstick)



Lips that are smooth and have no cracks appear bigger and fluffier. Get smooth lips by exfoliating daily. Use a toothbrush to remove flakes or use lips scrubs to your advantage. You can create natural lip scrub by using coconut oil and sugar ,put on lip balm every day too.



Use the nude lip liner to the line above or beyond your regular lip line. Don’t overdo it though, straying too far from your natural lip line will make you look clown like. When you manage to draw your lips the way you want, blend it inward. This will create a false lip shape.



Use a highlighter to help define the lips. Use products that appear pearly and smooth. Add highlights above the curve of the tips or the Cupid’s bow. The highlight will make the lip look deeper and bigger. Don’t forget to blend it out; you don’t want to look like you have some white gunk on your lips.



Use your regular lipstick and apply it on your lips. Be careful to remain in your false lip line. Avoid dark colors; this will make the lips appear smaller. If you’re not much of a lipstick person try on some lip-gloss to add shine and plump.