Vaping is basically inhaling and exhaling the vapor which is produced using an electronic cigarette or a device that is used for heating up the liquid like vape pens or personal vaporizers. The e-liquid that is used here often contains vegetable glycerin-based liquid or propylene glycol, with flavoring, nicotine, and other substances with the exception of tobacco which have some effects on a smoker’s overall health.

Side Effects of Vaping

As with any new substances introduced to the body, there are various side effects that can be felt when vaping for the first time. Here are a few that are worth taking note of:

  • Dizziness. Too much nicotine intake can make you dizzy. Even when vaping, there are some e-liquids that may contain small traces of nicotine which can trigger this side effect especially when you are inhaling large plumes of vapor from your device.
  • Allergies. Most e-juices are made from propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. Although these two are labeled as “generally safe” by the FDA, propylene glycol has been found to cause allergies to appear.
  • Dry mouth and skin problems. Dehydration can set in when you vape regularly as the vapor absorbs the water molecules in the air which removes moisture thus you will feel dry mouth, itchy, flaky skin.
  • Sensitivity to caffeine. Those who tried vaping found themselves drinking more coffee or other caffeinated beverages. First-time users can experience caffeine sensitivity, mood swings, and anxiety even.
  • Damage to DNA. A report released by NPA found enough evidence pointing to vaping causing damage to DNA, oxidative stress, and even cell dysfunction. The cellular changes discovered have been linked to the formation of cancer over time, though there is not enough evidence to show that vaping can lead to cancer.
  • Affect brain development. Another possible side effect of vaping in people below the age of 25 is poor brain development. This is according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

    What Health Officials are Saying

    Vaping has certainly increased in demand recently as more and more people start to enjoy this new form of smoking, but is it really safe? The CDC has certainly released an advisory to those who smoke e-cigarettes to avoid using them as there has been a spike in unnatural lung illness that is linked to its use until they have concluded their research. There are already 215 possible cases of lung problems linked to smoking e-cigarettes in 25 states in the country, but the main cause is still being investigated.

    In Milwaukee, its health department has released a sterner warning to e-cigarette users where they advised them to stop smoking immediately. They have reported that there were 16 cases already of lung disease linked to the use of vape products.


    Officials are still investigating as to the brands as well as types of e-cigarettes may have triggered this mysterious illness that is spreading to various states in the United States. There are several patients who reported that they were vaping THC laced products before they started feeling sick. It’s still unclear if the cases have a common denominator or if the patients are suffering from different diseases that have the same symptoms according to the CDC..