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So you want a sugar mama, not the usual ones, but a hot sexy sugar mummy, right? As much that you are reading this post, it is a confirmation that you are on the right path. We have here with us, 10 hot sexy sugar mummy that is also looking for finer, younger and handsome guys to have countless fun with.

So are you handsome? 6 feet tall and above, muscular and can dress well? Then you’re welcome on board. These hot sugar mamas are 24 years -30 years old, have the money and are married to old men for the Money.

However, a user from South Africa, named Heidi, who is married to a 60 years old multi Millionaire, is searching for a young man to have fun with. It does not matter whether you’re from Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Pakistan, South Africa, India, etc, she wants connection but wants to date a guy that she can trust, and who is discreet.


My name is Heidi, I am married to a multi Millionaire but quite lonely. He gave me2 supermarkets in Johannesburg South Africa where I can make my own money from, although he also gives me a huge weekly allowance.

I have been alone for too long and he just can not satisfy me. I really do need someone to make me feel like a woman, take me out on a date, to a beach, Kiss with a flower and etc. Men don’t always talk to me because they feel I have amassed too much wealth, and are generally afraid of my rich Husband who has lots of fierce-looking bodyguards.


Before anything, take note that there are lots of hot sexy sugar mama who want to date fresh-looking guys, who are matured enough to keep things discreet. 99% of these ladies refuse to have their pictures uploaded here, but are willing to contact guys who will be sharing a brief description of themselves, below.

Here is how to apply.

1., You should share a brief description of yourself.

2. Share your hobbies and your education background.

3. Share this post on facebook, twitter or Whatsapp, so they can check out your profiles, pictures and connect with you.

4. Share or drop your contacts, e.g, phone number or email. When dropping your phone numbers, please ensure you use the international code of your country

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