Yoga is an ancient art and discipline that originated over 3 000 years ago. By following it, you can reconnect with your body, according to Prathishka Naidu, a certified Yoga Instructor and founder of Hot Yoga Durban, who shared the benefits of practicing yoga.

Naidu’s guide to the benefits of yoga:

Increased flexibility
Better breathing

Develops also controlled breathing. Yogic breathing is into the nose, which maximizes lung function, soothes respiratory diseases such as asthma and bronchitis, which has a calming impact on your nervous system.

Improve your balance

Improved balance improves the coordination within your brain and your muscles, improving your core balance, and an enhanced gait and posture.

Better posture and improved muscle tone and strength

Those measured movements of yoga support proper spinal alignment, protecting you from common spine injuries thereby helping you permanently strengthen and straighten your back.

Improve blood circulation

It takes charge for one’s body to go in and out of a pose, doing so feeds oxygen-rich blood over your tendons and ligaments, which in twist results in higher performance in joint mobility and flexibility.


The method of yoga is to cultivate awareness by learning how to be present. Various of us experience because we are bothering regarding that future or the past. If you learn to be mindful of your breath and present at the time, that considerably decreases stress

Think more clearly

Through meditation, one learns how to focus, think more clearly and become less reactive. As you gain knowledge of the result of your efforts in your life, you are more likely to improve your choices. This means that you do not act out of requirement but rather out of choice.


Thought reduces under the rapid reasoning traffic, generating space between thoughts and actions. If you can control your mind, yourself remain into this driving seat of your life