5 Ways to get rid of Body Odor

Written by Don Drey

1. Keep Yourself Squeaky Clean

Bath at least twice a day, and wash away sweat and get rid of some of the bacteria on your skin.

Sweat, by itself, is scentless. But when the bacteria that live on your skin mix with sweat, they produce quickly and boost quite a stink. Bathing thoroughly tends to help with body odor.

2. Keep Your Clothes Clean

Exchange clothes regularly when you’re sweating heavily. Fresh clothes help controlling body odor 

Be sure to change your socks as well, especially if you tend to have foot odor. Use deodorant powders in your shoe and go barefoot when possible.

3. Use antibacterial soap.

Using a good antibacterial soap can help you get rid of body odor and make you feel fresh. We tend to wash quickly and head out of the shower, but antibacterial soaps are required to stay for at least two minutes to work. Using antibacterial soap will give you squeaky clean and will keep horrible body odor at bay 

4. Apply antiperspirants and deodorants.

Antiperspirants block the sweat, releasing pores with strong astringents such as aluminum salts. They keep the armpits dry and convenient and save you from sweating extensively. And deodorants cover the smell created by bacteria and doesn’t interfere with the natural cooling process and hence make a better choice over antiperspirants.

5. Wear Breathable Fabrics

The kind of fabric you wear can also determine how much you sweat as you go about your daily activities. Choose stuff with more great breathability such as cotton, silk, and wool to allow air to enter your clothes, and keep sweat from building up. When you sweat less, bacteria on your skin cannot grow and reproduce as quickly to cause body odor. 

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