Xenophobic attacks: NANS rejects exchange programmes with South Africa

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The recommended replacement program among Nigerian students and their South African equivalents may have stopped before it kicks off.

President of National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) Comrade Daniel Akpan on Wednesday turned down the presentation following the renewed attacks on Nigerians and their businesses in the late Nelson Mandela’s country.

Akpan said this while responding to the program put forward by some Nigerian Youth groups: National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) and Nigerian Youth Initiatives, who were on a fence-ending mission to the South African Mission in Nigeria.
According to him: “We don’t need any transaction with South Africa. How can you do an exchange program with a country you are not safe?”

NANS had begun in the month picketed South African businesses in various parts of the country in a demonstration next to the persistent xenophobic attacks on Nigerians in that country.

He said with the efforts put in so far by Nigeria to mitigate the killings in South Africa without success, the avenue for further fruitful engage has been exhausted.

“How long are we going to dialogue with a country with a culture of hate?

“We have been on the same issue of xenophobic attacks for a reasonable length of time.

“Different stakeholders have held press conferences to call the attention of the world to the evil being perpetrated against Nigerians in South Africa.

“The second phase of our protest was picketing. We occupied the premises of South African own businesses and sat down, demanding a stoppage to the ceaseless xenophobic attacks.

“We have exhausted all the channels to peaceful dialogue. As if the killing was not enough, the next thing we witnessed was the burning of the premises of Nigeria’s businesses. These people they are killing have flesh and blood,” Akpan said.

He insisted that Nigeria has exhausted all avenues for peaceful dialogue towards solving the intractable xenophobic attacks on Nigerians in South Africa.

Responding, the factional president of National Youth Council of

Nigeria, NYCN, Bello Shagari said, attacking South African owned businesses in Nigeria was not the solution to the problems.

He argued doing so will deny many Nigerians, who work in those establishments their means of livelihood.

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