4 things you should know about your vagina, according to Dr T’s new book

We’re big fans of Dr. Tlaleng Mofokeng, affectionately known as Dr. T.

Over the past few years, the sexual health expert has managed to break the taboo around sexual pleasure and women’s reproductive rights. So when she announced her new book “A Guide to Sexual Health & Pleasure”, we had to get our hands on it – fast.

A how-to guide on everything from sexual anatomy to advice on pleasure, we were particularly interested in her chapter on the vagina. Below are a few things that Dr. T thinks you should know.

“When last did you look at your vagina?” asks the thought leader. “Self-examination of the genitals is seldom, if ever, spoken about or encouraged. Yet you are the perfect person to notice changes and then seek advice.

“The path to learning, being comfortable, celebrating and even reclaiming our bodies starts with the language we use to refer to our bodies.”

About the vulva

“Your vagina is a ‘self-cleaning machine’, meaning that there is no need to use soaps or detergents.”

What’s that smell?

“Be aware that your discharge will vary in color, consistency, and smell at different times throughout your menstrual cycle.”

Say ‘clitoris’

“Being the only organ in the human body whose sole purpose is for pleasure, and its only function is erogenous, the clitoris is somehow relegated to the not-so-important list of neuro-vascular anatomy to teach and learn.

“Yet it is one of the most magnificent parts of a woman’s body, literally.”

Purchase Dr. T’s book on loot.co.za

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