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The education sector recently went through some reforms so as to better streamline the education process and allow for a better transition from one level to the next. It is these reforms which have directly contributed to a steady increase in the level of foreign students in the country, more on that to follow in this piece.

International Students in Poland

The fact that Poland is a member state of the OECD countries speaks volumes as to the kind of quality education one can expect from this country. That being said, however, the number of international students in Poland is still not as high compared to its neighbors and friends in the OECD community.

For instance, looking at the distribution of international students in Poland, the statistics from the past few years indicate the following:

That fellow European countries attract the most significant population of the international students in Poland as such:

  • Ukrainian – 61%
  • Belarusian – 9.9%
  • Spanish – 3.1%
  • Turkish – 2.9%
  • Czech – 2.1%
  • German – 2%

From other countries and continents, India presents the largest share of foreign students in Poland, accounting for up to 4% of that population.

Considering how low the international student population was even at the turn of the new decade (estimated 0.16%), the fact that the combined population of international students now accounts for up to 5.3% of the total student population in Poland is a big testament as to how well this country’s education practices and system is widely regarded.

The number keeps steadily rising and soon it may hit the figures the government declared it wanted to achieve by the year 2020.

Factors contributing to the rise of International Students in Poland

Having touched a little on the education and figures involved with the education in Poland lightly, let’s now take a look at some of the factors that led to and continue to contribute to the increase of international students:

1. The Internationalizing of staff in the Education Sector

In order to cater to and accommodate more international students, education staff has been put through a number of training and developmental programs to help achieve this. The training includes training for other languages as well as practices that conform to the highest international standards for best practices among many other aspects to ensure they’re fully capable of catering to the international student populace.

2. Positive Education Reforms

Over the past few decades, Poland has undergone a lot of changes socially, economically and politically. One of the major issues that needed addressing was the education sector and how it can be reformed. One way was through the Bologna process and joining the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). More on this as follows:

The Bologna Process

The Bologna process is essentially a number of serial engagements between the ministries of some European countries whereby agreements are made towards ensuring a common standard of quality and compatibility in higher education assessment and qualification. This framework essentially allows international students to earn points through the already existent European Credit Transfer System and given the many merits of studying in Poland offers, this is a major aspect attracting international students.

3. Modern Development

Poland has been growing at a fast pace over the past few years. With the development of more modern infrastructure and other social amenities, it has quickly gained the attention of international students as one of the best destinations of choices for education. More courses and programs are now being offered in English as well as other languages, an aspect that attracts more students from different cultures to Poland.

Merits of Studying in Poland for International Students

Let’s now highlight some of the benefits international students can enjoy when they opt to study in Poland:

i. Low Cost of Education

Compared to most universities not only in the EU but the world over, Poland offers quite the competitive edge in terms of pricing for its education programs. On average, they cost somewhere between 3600-4200 Euros. These figures speak for themselves since the average in other universities can be well over 4 times that amount. The pricing offered in Polish universities is a welcomed aspect for many students looking to save money.

ii. Low Cost of Living

Sticking to the theme of money, this point focuses on the cost of living in Poland. Life is quite cheap there and that is not to say that the quality of life is low…quite the opposite. It features all the amenities you would ever need as a student such as access to cheap transport, cheap accommodation, and entertainment as well as leisure spots and so on. Even the food is cheap and you can live on less than 300 Euros a week comfortably.

iii. Unique Location

Poland is a fast-growing travel destination for many people from different parts of the world. This is thanks to the growing cities as well as a number of historic sites situated all across the country. The country also boasts of great nightlife. All these combined make for a great destination in Poland, which students are sure to enjoy.

Casimir Pulaski Foundation Awards for EU Applicants in Poland, 2019

The Casimir Pulaski Foundation is pleased to offer grants to pursue diploma programme. All European applicants are eligible to apply. There fifteen opportunities are available.

Award: Full and partially opportunities are available
Application Deadline: June 7, 2019
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PhD Funding for International Students at Gdansk University of Technology in Poland, 2019

The Gdansk University of Technology is offering PhD Scholarship for the academic session of 2019. The program is open to encourage the higher study of qualified and excellent foreign students.

Award: 2000 PLN per month for four years
Application Deadline: June 9, 2019
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Thesaurus Poloniae Fellowship Programme in Poland, 2019

The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland is pleased to offer the Thesaurus Poloniae Three-month Fellowship Programme. Foreign scientists who have a very good command over the English language are eligible to apply.

Award: 3500 PLN (ca 770 EUR), 2500 PLN (ca 550 EUR), 1500 PLN (ca 330 EUR)
Application Deadline: 
between the 30th of June to the 15th of July each year
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Professor Stanislaw Tolpa Scholarship at Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences, Poland 2019

The University of Environmental and Life Sciences is offering application for the professor Stanislaw Tolpa scholarship for the academic year 2019/2020. The program is open to both student and scientific who are citizens and who live in the countries of the former USSR.

Award: 4 awards of 1000 zł / per every month of studies
Application Deadline: June 16, 2019
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Having taken a look at some of the elements that make Poland a great country as well as highlighting its great education structure, it comes as no surprise why it’s quickly gaining traction as an education destination for international students.

For more exact details, you could check out resources from the government’s education ministry and find your way to a great education!