How to Get Scholarship for Abroad Studies?

Studying abroad is still a very difficult milestone for a middle-class family child. The cost incurred for the tuition fee and personal expenses is way too expensive. Many students opt for student loans, which are even more expensive than the complete expense incurred in studies and personal expenses.

Student loans have high-interest rates and a long tenor period, which makes it just double the loan amount while repaying it. So, now what one can do to minimize the expenses for abroad education? Is it impossible for middle-class children to get the best quality of education?

Don’t let your bank balance stop you from getting a good education; there are thousands of scholarships which are provided to students who are eligible and scores good marks in the ILET, TOFEL, GRE or GMAT. The scholarship achieved makes your complete tuition fee less than the half; what it all requires are your hard work and proper financial planning.

Research for all the possible solutions and ways which can minimize your expenses

Talk to people, your peers, and your family, they might know someone who was in the same situation as yours and today he is studying abroad. he can give you the most appropriate information because the person has faced everything.

Start exploring on the internet for the scholarships; there are plenty of scholarships available on the internet and one can get more than a single scholarship plan. There are different types of scholarships:

  • Scholarships which are location-based, for ex. If one wants to go to Australia, then the government of Australia will provide the scholarships
  • Scholarships given on the basis of your course and program, some courses have got scholarships with them which are provided by the university.
  • Scholarships are given on the basis of the scores and rank achieved in the tests of university and ILET.
  • Government-funded scholarships

Contact banks and organisation which offers scholarships

When you start gathering all the information about, what is required, what are the terms and conditions, policies, how you can increase the amount of scholarship, how you can prepare for it, what all exams and grades needed to get the best out of it? Create your resume with all your achievements and interests in it. Your resume is a very crucial element in getting admission and scholarship. Portray yourself in such a manner that one finds you interesting and capable.

Be ahead of others and apply wherever you see the hope of getting anything

Time is an important factor of getting a good university and scholarship, clear your exams in the very first attempt and start applying for the scholarships and universities as soon as you give your tests. You will get the idea of the present situation and requirements so that after the results you will have the list of best out of the bests.

Be passionate about what your goal is and prove it to the others that you are deserving, work hard and be prepared for all the challenges coming in your way, the real challenge starts when you are done with admission in the university and you have got the great scholarship also. Now you have to survive in there and prove yourself at every point of your life so that you can make it till the end and create a success story.

Best Study Abroad Scholarships 2019

Government of Canada Postdoctoral Research Program for International Students, 2019

The Government of Canada is seeking applicants an opportunity to participate in a Postdoctoral Research Program.  The aspirants are currently enrolled in a doctoral program at a recognized post-secondary institution. The scholars of this program will be hired as term Scientific Research employees.

Provided By:  Government of Canada
Course:  Postdoctoral research program
 Scientific Research (SE-RES) employees
Application Deadline: 
Apply Now

Postgraduate Training Scholarships for International Students in South Africa, 2020

The University of the Witwatersrand’s School of Public Health is offering the Postgraduate Training Scholarships program in South Africa. Funded education will cover the return economy airfare, tuition fees, basic medical, monthly stipend, and also support for the research project expenses.

Provided By: University of the Witwatersrand
Course:  Postgraduate degree program
Award:   Airfare, tuition fees, basic medical, monthly stipend, etc.
Application Deadline: 
July 31, 2019
Apply Now

Fully Funded Knight-Hennessy Scholarship in Australia to Study Abroad, 2019

Having an aspiration for grasping an education award? Good News! You have an excellent opportunity to apply for the Knight-Hennessy Scholarship at the University of Queensland. The scholar will get full funding to pursue a graduate degree at Stanford University in any field.

Provided By: University of Queensland
Course:  Graduate degree
Fully funded
Application Deadline: 
October 9, 2019
Apply Now

Inoue Masaru Scholarships to Study Abroad for UCL Students, 2019

If you are searching for an opportunity to study abroad in Japan, then you must take a look at the Inoue Masaru Scholarships program presenting by the University College London. Applicants must pursue any degree level program. Many educational funds are available and each will worth £3000.

Provided By: University College London
Course:  Degree course program
Application Deadline: 
July 12, 2019
Apply Now

Voices That Matter Scholarship for German Students to Study Abroad, 2019

Take your next steps towards your career by joining the Voices That Matter program organized by the MetFilm School in partnership with MTV.  Applicants need to hold their previous degree certificates with good academic grades. The bursary will cover full tuition fees for the selected program of study, either at undergraduate or postgraduate level.

Provided By: MetFilm School in London
Course:  Undergraduate or postgraduate degree
 Full tuition fees
Application Deadline: 
 June 30, 2019
Apply Now

Study abroad grants for International Students at Sheffield Hallam University in the UK, 2019

Applications are open for study abroad grants funded by the Sheffield Hallam University in the UK. Candidate must be an international or a European Union fee-paying student who has achieved the English and academic entry requirements for the course. The university will provide a half fee waiver (50% discount).

Provided By: The Sheffield Hallam University
Course:  Diploma course
 A half fee waiver (50% discount)
Application Deadline: November 1, 2019
Apply Now

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