How to get a Scholarship to Study Abroad?

Written by Azeemen

Many of the students who wish to travel abroad for further studies face a dilemma of financing their dream and thus have to settle for less viable options in their own country. But this issue can be solved by simply applying for scholarships or scholarship programs.

A student can get scholarships by a few simple steps:

  • Ask people near you for any information about scholarships that they have.
  • Start with the admissions abroad office of your institution for all the scholarships that they know of.
  • Ask your teachers, professors for any advice that they have for the scholarships.
  • Go in person to the scholarship institutions for applying for scholarships instead of e-mailing or calling them.
  • Do a lot of research about various programs or criteria’s that are preferred for scholarship programs.
  • The best way to know about the scholarship fund is to contact the fund provider directly. They can tell you all about the scholarship and its demands thoroughly and precisely.
  • Keep your resume game strong. A good resume should be dynamic but specific to the subject the scholarship is being applied for. Do highlight any International experience you have ever had.
  • Mention your references in the resume that you submit. The references that you have interacted with play a major role in getting selected for the scholarship.
  • Don’t shy away from applying for as many scholarships as possible. There is a good chance of getting selected for one of the scholarships if a person applies for a number of them.
  • Customize your applications accordingly when applying for different scholarships. Don’t just copy and paste your application everywhere; all the institutions can understand if a person has actually researched their core value or not.
  • Work hard and study hard to keep your grades in the high. Your grades will show the scholarship institutions how serious you actually are about getting the work done. Not a lot of average students are approved of scholarships.

A few more things to keep in mind while applying for scholarships are:

1. Understand the evaluation system:

Understand how the scholarship institutions evaluate the people or students that they deem fit to be worthy of scholarships. Make your resume strong according to their core values and the chances of your selection rise up.

2. Double check everything:

Double check everything that you submit. Double check all the eligibility and application requirements that are required to be submitted. It helps in identifying any sort of errors that have happened or omissions that need be filled.

3. Write a good essay:

An essay about why you deserve this scholarship is a very important factor for getting that scholarship. The essay should be on point and precise and also not too long. It should not be filled with generic statements and most of all, don’t ever try to oversell your-self in the essays.

Final words

Keeping these things in mind is very important while applying for scholarships with the intent of actually getting one and completing that dream of studying abroad.


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