Canada To Begin Fast Study Visa For International Students

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International students used to wait for a long time for their Canadian study visa. Now, this is going to change.

Canadian Government has introduced a program named as Student Direct Stream (SDS) for intentional students. In this way, applicants can get their applications approved within a short time.ccanada study visa


The number of international students who are coming to Canada is increasing year by year now. The Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE) has released a set of data. According to this, there was a 16 per cent increase in the number of international students as compared to the previous years.

There was 572,415 number of international students in Canada. More than 60% of International students belonged to four countries in the SDS program introduced in June 2018.

How Does the SDS Program Work?

In response to the increasing number of international students, Canada expanded its SDS program on May 1, 2019. According to the previous year program, applications of the students processed within four weeks. However, the introduction of schedule in 2019 led to shortening this time of processing of claims. In May, these four weeks more reduced to twenty working days only.

It is good news for the international students who want to come to Canada and pursue their career as soon as possible.


The International applicants must go through all these following guidelines to qualify under the SDS program:

  • They should submit a Guaranteed Investment Certificate of about $10,000.
  • They should pay a full tuition fee for the whole first year.
  • They should provide evidence of graduation from a Canadian curriculum high school, or they should give an accepted valid language test showing English or French language fluency.
  • They should have an acceptance letter from a well-reputed institution
  • They should have a beforehand medical examination

While these requirements seem to require a quite lengthy process but students should realize the fact, that the conditions mentioned above will get their applications approved within a given period of twenty days. It will be easy for Immigration officers to review their application forms and accept them without any hassle.

In the response of increasing the rate of the number of international students into Canadian universities, the SDS program extended by IRCC. They are more likely to expand this program to other countries. It is how applicants will have to wait for less to get their application approved. More international students will be attracted to Canada this way.

Furthermore, Ahmed Hussein, Minister of IRCC, says that International students help in the betterment of raising the country’s economy. According to a new set of data, export education contributed to about $12.8 billion to Canada Gross National Product.

It also led to creating about 148,000 jobs in the country. So, it has confirmed that International students are making significant contributions to schools, colleges, and Universities.

It is advisable to the international students that they provide complete data in their applications until IRCC expands its SDS program to other countries. It will help the students to make their applications approved without any further unnecessary delay.

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