Best International Scholarships in Japan

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To stay in another country for your further education requires a lot of financial management. Therefore, if you want to study in Japan, then you should apply one of the Best International Scholarships in Japan that will support you in keeping your dream alive.

The scholarship provides award range from 50,000 yen to 180,000 yen and some also serve fully funded to limited support or tuition fee waiver.

The given below list can be a way forward for your study abroad destination. Have a look at our list and pick the best career opportunity right now. Good Luck!!

SATO YO International Scholarship Foundation Program at Kyushu University, 2019

Applications are open for SATO YO International Scholarship Foundation program presented by the Kyushu University for foreign students. 12 years of academic education for an undergraduate program, an undergraduate degree for a master and a master’s degree for doctoral studies are required. The educational opportunity will provide 150,000 Yen a month for undergraduate studies and 180,000 Yen a month for graduate studies.

Provided By:  Kyushu University
Course:  Undergraduate, or master, or doctoral degree program
Award:  150,000 Yen & 180,000 Yen
Application Deadline:  May-July
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OIST Graduate Program for International Students in Japan, 2020

Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University is offering the OIST Graduate Program for International Students in Japan. To apply, candidates must hold bachelors, masters or equivalent degree and must have attentive in scientific interests. The participants enrolled in the OIST Ph.D. program are fully-funded with a generous Research Assistantship.

Provided By:  OIST Graduate University
Course: Ph.D. degree
Award:  fully-funded
Application Deadline:  November 15th, 2019
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Fully Funded Japan Africa Dream Scholarship (JADS) Program for Young Africans in Japan, 2019

The new Japan Africa Scholarship (JADS) Program is now available for all new African students to pursue two years master degree program. The program is open to those who have gained admission to an approved master’s degree course at a Japanese partner university. The program provides tuition, a monthly living stipend, and round-trip airfare, health insurance, and travel allowance.

Provided By:  African Development Bank
Course:  master degree program
Award:  Fully Funded
Application Deadline:  August 31, 2019
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Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarships for Foreign Research Students in Japan, 2019

Applications are open for MEXT Research Scholarships available for international students to study graduate courses at Japanese universities. Students who have the nationality of a country which has diplomatic relations with the Japanese government can apply for these endowments.

Provided By:  Japanese Government
Course:  graduate-level courses program
Award:  up to 145,000yen
Application Deadline: The deadline for the applications differs according to the country
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NISF Scholarships for Foreign Students at Japanese Universities in Japan, 2019

Nitori International Scholarship Foundation offers scholarships for foreign students to pursue undergraduate and graduate degree program at Japanese Universities. Award amount is monthly 110,000 yen, of the successful applicants, some 150,000 yen per month is paid to some candidates who have a high ranking in selection overall.

Provided By:  Nitori International Foundation
Course:  Undergraduate and graduate degree
Award:  110,000 yen & 150,000 yen
Application Deadline:  31 October 2019
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KMMF funding for International Students in Japan, 2019

Konosuke Matsushita Memorial Foundation is presenting the KMMF program for international students in Japan. In order to take this award, the participants need to take admission in a master’s degree program at Kyushu University in Japan. The educational award will provide 120,000 yen per month for living allowance.

Provided By:  Kyushu University
Course:  master’s degree
Award:  120,000 yen per month
Application Deadline:  June –July
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Bridging Scholarships for Study Abroad in Japan, 2019-2020

Applications are open for Bridging Scholarships for Study Abroad in Japan provided by American Association of Teachers of Japanese for USA students. Undergraduate students majoring in any field of study are eligible to apply for these endowments. Bridging Scholarship recipients receive a stipend of $2,500 or $4,000.

Provided By:  American Association of Teachers of Japanese
Course:  undergraduate students
Award:  $4,000
Application Deadline:  10 October 2019
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Matsumae International Foundation (MIF) Research Fellowship Program in Japan, 2020

The Matsumae International Foundation is now accepting applications for the Research Fellowship Program 2020. Applicants must hold a Ph.D. (Doctorate) degree. Award of ¥220,000- per month is provided for the purpose of tuition payment, expenses for research materials, and miscellaneous living expenses.

Provided By:  Matsumae International Foundation (MIF)
Course:  pursuing a doctorate degree program
Award:  ¥220,000- per month
Application Deadline:  31 July 2019
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Meiji University International Students Incentive program in Japan, 2019

Meiji University is offering an International Students Incentive program for 2019 intake. Students who are enrolled in Meiji University as a MEXT scholar are eligible to take the benefit. The scholarship award is 50,000 yen per month for undergraduates/graduates, up to six months.

Provided By:  Meiji University
Course:  pursuing undergraduate and graduate program
Award:  50,000 yen per month
Application Deadline: Each program has a different deadline
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Top Universities in Japan

University World Rank Tuition Fee
The University of Tokyo 28 1,190,000 yen
Kyoto University 36 535,800 yen
Osaka University 67 5.36 lakhs yen
Tokyo Institute of Technology 56 5.36 lakhs yen
Tohoku University 76 5.36 lakhs yen
Nagoya University 69 3.59 lakhs yen
Hokkaido University 415 5.36 lakhs yen
Waseda University 208 10.6 lakhs yen
Keio University 34 9.8 lakhs yen
University of Tsukuba 274 5.36 lakhs yen


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